CFAR September 2023 Newsletter




The mission of Center for Families and Relationships is to strengthen and build resiliency in families by providing individual, family and couples counseling utilizing a holistic approach to treatment. We are partners in parenting, empowering members of the family to make a permanent, positive change towards becoming productive members of their own families, and of our community as a whole.

Organizational News

We are proud to report that the new CFAR client portal is up and running! Our staff worked with clients to make the transition, and now we can serve our clients better than ever.

Our work related to the Pew Growth Grant is under way! We have nearly finalized the RFP to secure consulting that will help us with business planning around infrastructure, administration, and operations. We cannot wait to have all of these elements running as beautifully as our clinical programming.

With the fall comes another incredible group of interns! We are so proud to work with these developing professionals, and we appreciate all that they bring to the organization.

CFAR Staff Highlight

Together Through Trauma Heads into Fall

Children Deserving Services Honors Hispanic Heritage Month

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