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About Us

Center for Families and Relationships is a non-profit community mental health center located in Northeast Philadelphia.  Our mission is to strengthen and build resiliency in families by providing individual, family and couples counseling, utilizing a holistic approach to treatment.  We specialize in understanding relationships and how those relationships have impacted our lives.  Whether treating an individual or a family, CFAR therapists are trained to include family members in treatment especially when working with children.  We work with people to explore faulty patterns they may be stuck in, helping give them the tools they need to create the change they want to see in their life.  CFAR therapists are specifically trained in Marriage and Family Therapy, Art Therapy and/or Evidenced Based Trauma Therapies.   

We believe that our “system’s approach” to treatment not only decreases symptoms but also decreases parental stress and increases overall family functioning.  We become partners in parenting empowering members of the family to make a permanent, positive change towards becoming productive members of their own family and of our community as a whole. 

History of Center for Families and Relationships

CFAR was founded in 1994 under the name, Center for Growth and Development by Maryann C. Volk.  Maryann was a former teacher and principal with the Archdioceses of Philadelphia.  During her tenure she became acutely aware of a growing vacuum between struggling children in school and families struggling to survive in the community.  She witnessed families first hand facing serious issues, ones that required greater support than she was able to provide in the context in which she served them.  Maryann in her 50’s decided to go back to school to obtain a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Shortly after obtaining her degree, with the purchase of a corner row home, CFAR opened its doors to its first client with one room and one therapist. This row home was where CFAR would spend the next twenty years. 

As the need for family therapy grew, we set out to find our new home.  In July 2016, CFAR closed its doors to the row homes on Magee Avenue and moved into a location double its size on Bustleton Avenue. CFAR although much smaller than most agencies, made a name for ourselves through our unique family systems perspective.  Focusing on the family as a whole has been the key to our success in seeing lasting change in Philadelphia families. 

Today, under current Chief Executive Officer Jordan Brogan, CFAR serves an average of 650 families a week and has trained over 100 Marriage and Family Therapists. 


  • Individual Therapy 
  • Couples Therapy 
  • Family Therapy 
  • Eco-Systemic Structural Family Therapy (ESFT) 
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) 
  • Prolonged Exposure (PE) 
  • Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication Management  

ESFT, TF-CBT and PE are designated program through the department of behavioral health.  We have to meet certain requirements and annually become redesignated to keep our status. 


  • Philadelphia Medicaid, Community Behavioral Health 
  • Keystone First  
  • United Healthcare Community Plan 
  • Health Partners 
  • Aetna Better Choice 
  • CFAR offers a sliding scale fee for those paying out of pocket 

How to make an appointment? 

  • Call 215-537-5367 

Family Counseling Specialists

The Center for Families and Relationships is a not for profit counseling center serving the needs of individuals, couples, families and children.


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