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Together Through Trauma Team

Syeeda Martin, LMFT
Syeeda Martin, LMFTTTT Program Director

Syeeda has been heading up the Together Through Trauma program since its inception. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who enjoys working with individuals, couples and families from diverse, cultural and ethnic backgrounds by empowering them to make the positive changes necessary to bring about transformation in their lives. As a Clinical Supervisor, Syeeda supports the development of trainees by providing constructive feedback to their therapeutic work. Her certification in Prolonged Exposure enables her to treat adult clients suffering from PTSD symptoms. She is also certified in TF-CBT, a model that helps children and their families heal from traumatic events.

Christina Fogle
Christina FogleTrauma Therapist

Christina Fogle is the Trauma Therapist working to bring the TTT programming to Tustin, Feltonville, and Mallery Recreation Centers. She provides therapy to eligible individuals, leads community and staff workshops, and educates the communities about the TTT programming. Christina has been with CFAR for 2 years, and we are so excited to see how she utilizes her passion and expertise in the TTT program. Christina grew up in a home that supported mental health, and she was drawn to therapy due to her nature of wanting to help others. She strives to be the type of therapist that children can connect with, particularly those in the BIPOC community. From her experience growing up where there were very limited BIPOC therapists, she is happy to be able to show children that there are people that look like them to help them on their mental health journey. She was particularly drawn to the Together Through Trauma program, as she grew up in Wynnefield and attended Overbrook High School, and she hopes to help her childhood communities heal from the trauma of gun violence. In her free time, Christina enjoys travel, pilates, yoga, and meditation.

To come
To comeOutreach Specialist

Outreach Specialist for communities surrounding Tustin, Mallery-Rumph, and Feltonville Recreation Centers to build strong partnerships, and to assure that everyone in the community is aware of the TTT programming. The person will be attending local events, and working with Trauma Therapist Christina Fogle on the Community Workshops.

To Come
To ComeTrauma Therapist

TO COME: Trauma Therapist working to bring the TTT programming to Mander, CB Moore, and 8th & Diamond Recreation Centers. They will provide therapy to eligible individuals, lead community and staff workshops, and educate the communities about the TTT programming.

Samantha Hill
Samantha HillOutreach Specialist

Samantha Hill is the Outreach Specialist working in the communities surrounding CB Moore, Mander, and 8th & Diamond Recreation Centers to build strong partnerships, and to assure that everyone in the community is aware of the TTT programming. Samantha will be attending local events, and working with Trauma Therapist Shayna Rudd on the Community Workshops.

Becky Vasquez
Becky VasquezAdministrative Assistant

Becky Vasquez is performing intakes and communicating with clients for the Together Through Trauma program. She also provides general support for the TTT Team, and supports various program activities.

Kacei Womack
Kacei WomackCamp Therapist

Kacei’s interest in therapy came from her desire to help heal the whole person. She feels that wellness of the soul, body, and spirit are crucial to the operation and effectiveness of the human experience. Her goal is to learn and grow in somatic psychology to connect individuals to themselves [physically, mentally, and spiritually], their culture, and their community/support systems. Kacei’s approach is to use use a balance of evidence-based practices, her own experiences, and the client’s experiences. In her Camp Therapist role in CFAR’s Together Through Trauma program, Kacei excels at creating a safe space for children to be themselves and learn how to process trauma and their emotions. Through the camp workshops, she challenges the children to want more from and for their community/families, but most importantly it shows them that they are capable ofchange. In her free time, Kacei enjoys dancing, singing, and napping, and spending time engaging in stimulating conversations with individuals that she can learn from and grow with.

Family Counseling Specialists

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