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CFAR offers several Community Workshops at identified rec centers and other partner organizations through our Together Through Trauma Program. Below is a list of current workshops available. For more information about TTT Workshops, contact Syeeda Martin at 215-537-5367 ext. 4005 or

Grief and Loss
Losing someone is never easy.  It impacts everyone differently and is often difficult to cope or understand, especially if the death is sudden or unexpected.  Let us provide support to you as well discuss the stages of grief and loss as well as ways to cope and get the support your need during your time of loss. (Audience: Adult)

Coping with the Loss of a Child Due to Gun Violence
The pain of losing a child is unimaginable. It flips your world upside down and you are often left feeling alone.  This workshop will provide a safe space as we discuss ways to cope and manage feelings around the loss of a child. (Audience: Adult)

Combating Anxiety After Trauma
It’s common for our minds and bodies to have a different response to anxiety after experiencing a trauma. It alters our filter to understand what is and isn’t threatening and that can lead to anxiety that gets in the way of living our lives. This workshop will go over the ways that trauma powers up our anxiety and how we can better prevent and manage it. (Audience: Adolescent and Adult)

Personality and Empowerment
We were all born with unique strengths and weakness. However, trauma can force people to act in certain ways that are not true to who they really are. With the use of a personality test, this workshop will help participants better identify their unique personality types. The more people know about themselves, the more they’ll be able to tolerate and accepted the differences of others. And when this happens, relationships improve. (Audience: Adolescent and Adult)

Resolving Conflict
Conflict comes for us all, and trauma being involved can complicate things further. This workshop will help you feel more prepared to successfully and respectfully navigate conflict with loved ones if you or they have experienced trauma. (Audience: Adolescent and Adult)

Taking Care of Yourself After a Traumatic Event
This workshop will focus on self-care by helping each participant identify a list of practical activities they can do for physical and emotional healing after a traumatic event.  Common barriers to self care will also be discussed.  (Audience: Adolescent and Adult)

Regaining Control of Your Life After Experiencing a Trauma
Explore how trauma can replace and distort our emotions and what we can do to identify when its happening.  Join us as we discuss different strategies to help us regulate emotions and communicate what we are feeling in a healthy and productive way. (Audience: Adolescent and Adult)

Family Counseling Specialists

The Center for Families and Relationships is a not for profit counseling center serving the needs of individuals, couples, families and children.


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