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STAFF TRAINING: Engaging Families in a Trauma-Informed Way
“What trauma is and how it turns into PTSD
How PTSD impacts the brain – impacting emotions and behavior
Vicarious trauma for us providers and what we can do to protect ourselves from secondary trauma
These are the 3 major areas covered in the staff training.  It will be interactive and will include a group discussion.

Through our Together Through Trauma Program (TTT), CFAR offers this staff training to partner organizations. Under the PCCD grant for the TTT program expansion into Philly Rec Centers, we do have some funds allocated for staff trainings for community partners in the neighborhoods surrounding the rec centers where we will be working. Those rec centers are:
-Feltonville Rec Center, 221 E Wyoming Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19120
-Mallery Rec Center, 100-70 East Johnson Street, 19144
-Tustin Rec Center, 5901-29 W. Columbia Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19151
-C.B. Moore Rec Center, 2551 N 22nd St., Philadelphia, PA, 19132
-Mander Playground, 2140 N. 33rd St., Philadelphia, PA, 19121
-8th and Diamond Playground, 800 Diamond St., Philadelphia, PA, 19122
If you’re in one of these neighborhoods and either working with that rec center, or willing to promote our TTT programming in that rec center, we can likely offer you one of the free monthly trainings under the PCCD grant. Organizations that fall outside of those parameters can schedule a training for a $500 fee.
For more information on staff trainings, contact Syeeda Martin at 215-537-5367 ext. 4005 or

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